Your daily distillation of crypto news for Thursday, March 7, 2019:

Got Weenus?

Earlier today, BokkyPooBah announced the release of Weenus, an ERC20 token faucet for the Ethereum mainnet as well as the Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Görli testnets. Individuals can send a zero-value transaction to a Weenus address (different for each network) and receive 1,000 ERC20 test tokens.

To obtain these test tokens, users will need some ETH to pay the network's transaction fees. Also, the number of decimals varies per token contract address: 18 for WEENUS and XEENUS, 8 for YEENUS, and 0 for ZEENUS.

Linkdrop Protocol

Emerging from the ether today is the Linkdrop Protocol, a proposed "[o]pen protocol for including digital assets into links" and QR codes. After collaborating to make "linkdrops" – or links to share digital assets and their attributes with others for the purposes of onboarding new users and gifting crypto – an available feature on several major wallets, the team behind them decided it was necessary to develop a community-oriented standard for sending and receiving linkdrops.

With the Linkdrop Protocol, the team hopes to enable (1) interoperability with linkdrops across different platforms and (2) ease of use for developers when they want to include a "send by link" feature within their dApps or wallets. Further, the team intends to build a Linkdrop EDCC (aka smart contract) and a dApp to send and claim user-to-user linkdrops, among other plans.

0x Global Meetups

In response to 0x community members taking the initiative and hosting their own meetups, Brent Oshiro of 0x yesterday announced the team's global meetup program. Organizers holding free-to-attend, 0x-focused meetups with 10 or more confirmed attendees clearly identified on a platform such as Meetup or Facebook can apply to the program.

If accepted, an organizer will receive a 0x swag box to share with their meetup participants, as well as email correspondence from 0x containing suggested content and tips for holding a successful gathering. Additionally, organizers can participate on 0x's #meetups Discord channel to chat with the 0x crew and other meetup hosts.

0x suggests that interested applicants apply at least one month prior to the date of their meetup.